Tuesday, October 25, 2005

EIMA and EDI. Where were they?

Lately there is alot of talk about getting an EIMA approved this, or an EDI certified that. That's fine and good, but where were these two so-called non-profit organizations in the early 90's when everybody and there respective mother's could be found slapping foam on wood all across the country. Shouldn't they have known that EIFS and wood don't mix? I think they should have. The amazing thing is that they apparrently still don't see anything wrong with EIFS on wood.
Who appointed them as the voice of EIFS. I certainly did not. Don't put all your trust in them because they were the so-called leaders of the industry when all of the problems arose.

Although the industry has taken great strides to remedy the moisture issue there is still a long way to go. It's time for a different approach to tackling this problem of $1,000.00 inspections and of total EIFS removal just to reinstall the EIFS on the same substrate for tens of thousands of dollars. Someone in EIMA, EDI and all the other so-called expert EIFS outfits has to smell the roses.

It does not take a PHD in wall systems to figure out that EIFS does not belong on wood. EDI and EIMA, with all their wisdom, failed the American consumers in my estimation. EIMA failed us by allowing the practice in the first place. EDI for capitalizing on the failures of EIMA, by using, in my opinion, scare tactics to get homeowners to inspect, remove and reinstall on wood again.
It is a vicious cycle that has only one solution. Stop putting your trust in salesmen and put it back into the tradesmen.
So what would I put EIFS on? Cement board and densglass.

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